- How is I.V. Cannula sterile?

The I.V. Cannulae is sterilized by EO (Ethylene Oxide) Gas.

- What will be the shelf life of I.V. Cannula?

The product remains sterile unless package is damaged, with a shelf life of 5 years from the date of manufacturing.

- What are the features of the needle used in I.V. Cannula and where it is from?

All our needles are imported from well reputed manufacturer. And it is Sharp, Triple Point stainless steel needle for smooth and painless venipuncture.

- What is being the benefit of radiopaque catheter?

Radiopaque catheter will show the position of the catheter while X- Ray.

- Which material is used in Catheter?

Catheter is made of virgin P.T.F.E (Poly Tetra Fluro Ethylene) double tapered beveled tip siliconised catheter.

- What are the Gauges of I.V. Cannula do you manufacture?

We are manufacture I.V. Cannula with PTFE catheter (Gauges- 14G, 16G, 17G, 18G, 20G, 22G, 24G and 26G)

- What is the benefit of Tyvek paper?

Tyvek paper is made of high-density polyethylene fiber (has all the advantages of paper, fabric and plastic). This paper cannot be teared easily.


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